Campaign To Secure Our Home

Since the beginning, we’ve always had a dream of buying the land that Urban Roots occupies. Now, we’re looking for support to make that happen.

As of this time, Urban Roots London does not own the land at 21 Norlan Ave. We have been fortunate enough to have this space to see what the possibilities are, and now we are ready to continue our growth with permanency. Owning this land creates a world of opportunity not only for our organization, but for the community at large.

How You Can Help ||

In order to purchase the land, we need a down payment of 10% or $50,000.

This is our request to make urban agriculture a permanent fixture in our city, and to preserve a space that is far more than a farm. It is a hub and a place to connect — with the land, the community, and with each other.

The deadline to reach our goal is 11:59pm, January 24th.

Growing Fresh, Healthy, Connected Communities.

We are raising the funds for the down payment on the land we have been caring for since 2017. We deeply appreciate your support in helping us make Urban Roots a permanent fixture in our city!