Find Our Produce

From our farm to your plate, here’s where you can find Urban Roots produce and support equity and access in the local, sustainable food movement.

Farmgate + Local Markets

Starting in mid-June, we hold a local market on our farm at 21 Norlan Ave. every Wednesday from 4 pm – 8 pm AND Sunday 10 am – 1 pm, weather permitting. *CLOSED FOR 2020 SEASON* 

This coincides with our volunteer days, and is a great way to meet people in the community and from around the city, learn about our work and the work it takes to produce high-quality, sustainably-grown food, as well as gain access to ‘farm gate’ and more affordable prices on our freshly-harvested produce.

Farm Shares Program

With Urban Roots Farm Shares, you will be able to invest in Urban Roots’ mission and vision by purchasing a loadable “Urban Roots Farm Share” card at any point going forward, in an amount of your choosing, and then redeem your farm shares at any of our Farm Gate Markets. You can reload anytime in person or by e-transfer, and apply your farm share balance toward any wholesale-priced produce, merchandise purchase, or as a meaningful donation.

Every purchase of a farm share is an investment in our organization’s operations and infrastructure which helps get us in the ground this spring and hit the ground running. Think of it like a loadable gift card for fresh, organically-grown produce from right here in London!

We are loading farm shares starting today and will make further announcements about distribution of the Urban Roots Farm Share cards in the near future.

Farm Shares can be loaded for any amount, have no cash value, and do not expire. However, for those who spend a certain amount, we will be offering some small tokens of gratitude!

Farm Shares purchased for $100 or more will also receive a sustainable produce bag! Those who spend $200 or more will receive the produce bag as well as an Urban Roots tote bag (beautifully printed by our friends at Rezonance) and for Farm Shares of $300 or more upfront will receive both bags as well as one of our Urban Roots t-shirts!

To invest in your Farm Shares send us an email for further information or an e-transfer to and we will hold your Farm Shares for you to start using at our first harvest!


Following our ‘Model of Thirds,’ Urban Roots sells, at most, 33% of its high-quality, sustainably-grown produce to restaurants in London who support urban agriculture, and believe in making healthy foods accessible to all.

While we’re currently in our growing season for 2019, here are just a few of our restaurant partners from the previous year:

If you’re a restaurant that believes in supporting the local food economy, sign-up for our weekly wholesaler newsletter by emailing

To view what produce we have planned for this growing season, click here to see a comprehensive list created by our on-farm manager, Denis.

Community Partners

At Urban Roots, we’ve committed to donating at least 33% of our produce to local charitable organizations, and selling at least 33% of our produce at affordable rates (50% of market value) to social enterprises and directly to individuals within our neighbourhood.

To us, these community partners are why we do the work we do; providing invaluable support services to the people and communities of London, and helping to increase high-quality food access for all.

Growing Fresh, Healthy, Connected Communities.

We are raising the funds for the down payment on the land we have been caring for since 2017. We deeply appreciate your support in helping us make Urban Roots a permanent fixture in our city!