Find Our Produce

From our farm to your plate, here’s where you can find Urban Roots produce and support equity and access in the local, sustainable food movement.

Farmgate + Local Markets

Starting in mid-June, we hold a local market on our farm at 21 Norlan Ave. every Wednesday from 6pm-till dark and Sunday from 10am-1pm.

This coincides with our volunteer days, and is a great way to meet people in the community and from around the city, learn about our work and the work it takes to produce high-quality, sustainably-grown food, as well as gain access to ‘farm gate’ and more affordable prices on our freshly-harvested produce.

In addition, Urban Roots will be holding markets at the following locations through the 2019 season:

Old East Village Grocer Pop-up Market: Every Tuesday from 4pm-7pm at the London Food Incubator, 630 Dundas St.

CSA Bags

As of 2019, Urban Roots has launched its inaugural Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program!

We offer a limited number of spots for a weekly CSA harvest pickup on our farm at 21 Norlan Ave. The program runs for approximately 16 weeks from mid-June to mid-October, offering a beautiful selection of what we are growing with seasonal variability, all based on the freshest weekly harvest.

Each Urban Roots CSA Bag share costs just $350 — this averages out to under $22 per week! Spots are extremely limited, so make sure to sign up to our General Newsletter to find out when we’ll be starting our CSA next season!

Your upfront support helps us afford the seeds and supplies necessary to grow, but, more importantly, it helps us bridge the period of time between when we plan, when we plant, and when we have produce to sell and donate.

As a thank-you for supporting the work we do, each inaugural customer received a stunning custom, limited production Urban Roots London tote bag designed by Robin Henry of Rezonance Printing (found in The Baker’s Dozen). This tote can be found for sale at our farmgate markets, as well.

If you want to know more about CSAs, look here or come by the farm on a volunteer day and speak to one of our lovely board members or our on-site farm manager, Denis.

Click here to see what produce we have planned for this coming season!


Following our ‘Model of Thirds,’ Urban Roots sells, at most, 33% of its high-quality, sustainably-grown produce to restaurants in London who support urban agriculture, and believe in making healthy foods accessible to all.

While we’re currently in our growing season for 2019, here are just a few of our restaurant partners from the previous year:

If you’re a restaurant that believes in supporting the local food economy, sign-up for our weekly wholesaler newsletter by emailing

To view what produce we have planned for this growing season, click here to see a comprehensive list created by our on-farm manager, Denis.

Community Partners

At Urban Roots, we’ve committed to donating at least 33% of our produce to local charitable organizations, and selling at least 33% of our produce at affordable rates (50% of market value) to social enterprises and directly to individuals within our neighbourhood.

To us, these community partners are why we do the work we do; providing invaluable support services to the people and communities of London, and helping to increase high-quality food access for all.

Growing Fresh, Healthy, Connected Communities.

We are raising the initial funds for startup costs, property, seeds, and growing supplies. We are pursuing grant opportunities and intend for the farms to be self-sustaining. For now, however, we appreciate your support in helping us get this exciting project off the ground!