Urban Roots is a non-profit organization that revitalizes underused land in the City of London for agriculture by:

  • Producing high-quality, organic vegetables and herbs
  • Distributing produce locally, directly to consumers and to private and social enterprises
  • Developing agricultural opportunities for the neighbourhood, social enterprises, and community organizations within the City of London
  • Growing a self-sustaining, urban agricultural model to germinate to new sites

Our six directors are: Heather Bracken, Richie Bloomfield, Graham Bracken, Jeremy Horrell, Jacob Damstra, and Wendy Russell.

Heather Bracken is a criminal defence attorney with a passion for the community and fresh, local food.

Richie Bloomfield is a business instructor at Huron University College, who just happened to have grown up on a farm.

Graham Bracken is a writer whose work focuses on problems relating to ecology and climate change.

Jeremy Horrell has worked in social services for over 15 years. He founded the Forest City Family project and is passionate about community, healthy relationships, and lifelong connections with fresh healthy food.

Feel free to contact us through this website or any of our social media sites.




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